Staying social when writing is solitary

Writing itself is solitary. Even if we’re working in an office and surrounded by people, we typically tuck ourselves away, apply our headphones and scurry into our documents with the enthusiasm of a meerkat digging a new downstairs. Let the others collaborate; I have word magic to conjure. It’s not that we dislike people (generally… Continue reading Staying social when writing is solitary

Return of the Ducky

Since I started this blog, I’ve wondered how much personal stuff to share. On one hand, I want this blog to be useful and relatable. Plus, it’s part of my portfolio, and there’s only so much the professional world needs to know. On the other, I’m a human being and it’s my blog about life… Continue reading Return of the Ducky

New year, new direction

Master has given Ducky a sock. Rather than wait for a specific date to roll around, I’ve found that just getting started on making a change when the inspiration hits is more effective and longer lasting. I’ve made them before, but they didn’t stick; as usual. This year however, I’m being laid off. Why is… Continue reading New year, new direction

5 keys to taking feedback like a badass

No one likes to work with someone who refuses to take feedback. We’ve all worked with people like that—someone who’s determined that he/she is right and that others are wrong and that the work produced is without flaw or need of improvement at all, whatsoever. Period. It’s not easy. There was a period of two… Continue reading 5 keys to taking feedback like a badass

Why writers should blog

Writers write. Good writers write a lot. Or so I keep telling the junior writer I currently mentor. She’s talented, has a terrific attitude and a bright future ahead of her. I still want to flick her in the forehead when she rolls her eyes at the suggestion that she start blogging. Especially when she follows… Continue reading Why writers should blog