New year, new direction

Master has given Ducky a sock. Rather than wait for a specific date to roll around, I’ve found that just getting started on making a change when the inspiration hits is more effective and longer lasting. I’ve made them before, but they didn’t stick; as usual. This year however, I’m being laid off. Why is… Continue reading New year, new direction

5 keys to taking feedback like a badass

No one likes to work with someone who refuses to take feedback. We’ve all worked with people like that—someone who’s determined that he/she is right and that others are wrong and that the work produced is without flaw or need of improvement at all, whatsoever. Period. It’s not easy. There was a period of two… Continue reading 5 keys to taking feedback like a badass

Earning clients’ trust

Why can’t they just trust me? I’m a professional. ~ Every Writer Ever According to my research, every writer on the planet has uttered some form of this phrase at least a hundred times. (Disclaimer: My research has consisted of talking to my fellow writers here at work. Still, I’m pretty sure I’m right.) It’s… Continue reading Earning clients’ trust

5 basics every writer should be able to do

This post isn’t about gadgets or books or some sure-fire, secret to transform your writing into everything you’ve ever dreamed of, plus a basket of kittens. This is about table stakes. Basics that other people may not tell you about because you’re expected to already know. Because they’re part of every writer’s job. Meet deadlines.… Continue reading 5 basics every writer should be able to do

What to do when you reach Cat Butt Level

Ever work on a mind-numbing copywriting project that just won’t end? New feedback conflicts with previous feedback. Nit-picky edits stemming from random opinion. Rounds and rounds of review are followed by more rounds of review. It laughs in the face of all processes and procedures as it robs you of your sanity. Not every project… Continue reading What to do when you reach Cat Butt Level