Some of the best advice I ever got

  No one gets where they are by themselves. Positive or otherwise, we're all shaped by the advice we choose to take or ignore. These are some of the best bits of advice I've gotten over the years. When I follow it, I do better or at least feel better. Hopefully, you'll find a bit… Continue reading Some of the best advice I ever got

Creativity gone zombie?

(Photo credit: AMC, The Walking Dead, Pilot) Ever feel like your creative cup has run dry? Like the Sahara Desert, only without the beauty and mystery? We’ve all been there. For the past few weeks, I’ve had zero energy, inspiration or give-a-cares to devote to any creative pursuits outside of the fourteen marketing campaigns that… Continue reading Creativity gone zombie?

The day the prompt prompted anger

I was stuck. Horribly stuck. For two hours, I tried. But nothing. No words. So I turned to Writers Digest for a creative writing prompt. The day’s prompt: Hello! I’m Captain Jiggles by Brian Clems in honor of Chuck Sambuchino’s new humor book, When Clowns Attack. At first, I figured why not? I’m as stuck… Continue reading The day the prompt prompted anger

A Writing Fangirl Confession

I read an article on The Renegade Writer about the seven differences between being a writing fangirl or a real writer by Linda Formichelli. The point of her article is that ‘fanfolk’ spend more time acting the part of a writer than actually writing. Real writers on the other hand, write. Of the seven differences… Continue reading A Writing Fangirl Confession

What a fellow writer and better novelist just taught me

Last week a fellow copywriter accidentally sent me his first draft of his work in progress. (Note to those of you who are new to Apple Air Drop: make sure you know where you’re sending your stuff. And don’t send sensitive materials if you’re practicing.) We commonly share all kinds of writing and such with… Continue reading What a fellow writer and better novelist just taught me