writing prompt: pillow

Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday. I type this sitting at my sparsely decorated home writing desk, surrounded by barren bookshelves. We're moving. During a pandemic. Under an active stay-at-home order. Because we bought a house the same weekend life started turning upside down, approximately who-knows-time-anymore ago. I forgot to label the last… Continue reading writing prompt: pillow

Book Purge 2016

I knew I have a lot of books. Hard not to notice when I have five full bookcases, plus three knee-high stacks that live on the floor and a short stack on my nightstand. And the miscellaneous collections tucked in my nightstand, my workbag, my purse and in the back of my car. Still, I… Continue reading Book Purge 2016

Does your work space work?

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure, not this thing nor that, but simply growth. – W.B. Yeats When was the last time you audited your environment? Never mind all those articles you’ve read about creating an effective creative space. We’re writers; one size never fits all. It’s part of our charm; we’re quirky. To figure… Continue reading Does your work space work?