Writing Prompt Friday (lottery)

Rubber Ducky Copywriter - Writing Prompt Friday

Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! This is the week before Tax Day here in the U.S. A week in which procrastinators can’t put off doing their taxes without penalties (been there). And those who’ve done their taxes feel at least a little smug, even if they end up owing the IRS money (done that).

It’s almost like a delayed Groundhog Day, but without freedom from consequences or Bill Murray’s comedic genius.

On to this week’s writing prompt…
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4 things I don’t love about being a writer


I’ve previously posted 5 things to love about being a writer. As much as I love being “ra ra sis boom bah!” about writing, I also want to paint a realistic picture. No vocation is perfect, even writing.

There must be balance in the force.

To be clear, these are my top personal pain points. They don’t apply to all writers. Like the Amazon rainforest, the writing profession contains a multitude of diverse creatures.

Also, for context, I’m a professional copywriter, who blogs and writes creative fiction on the side. This list—and how I handle each pain point—is pulled from my experience.

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Writing Prompt Friday (spiders)


Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that walking into a spider’s web creates a more alert human than 10,000 cups of triple-shot lattes. But once we’re done flailing about to extricate ourselves, how often do we consider the spider’s feelings? Its hard work was just destroyed. And if the spider’s within striking range, how many of us refrain from sending it to its maker?

I used to be quick to squish.

These days, I’m trying to be benevolent. I name every spider I see “Bob” and give it room—as long as it’s outside my home. When I finish flailing and swearing after walking into one of “Bob’s” webs, I even apologize for having made it homeless.

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Writing Prompt Friday (public speaking)


Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! Most people are terrified of public speaking. And I empathize; I used to be scared witless. Sometimes you’re still going to be put on the spot though. I recently participated in a presentation on presentation skills. Yes, you read that correctly. Not sure any presentation can ever be more meta.

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5 things to love about being a writer

Hemingway Lolcat

The other week, I put a stick of deodorant in our terrarium by the front door. Why? To see if my husband would notice. He did—and he barely blinked an eye. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was used to me and my eccentricities.

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