Earning clients’ trust

Why can’t they just trust me? I’m a professional. ~ Every Writer Ever According to my research, every writer on the planet has uttered some form of this phrase at least a hundred times. (Disclaimer: My research has consisted of talking to my fellow writers here at work. Still, I’m pretty sure I’m right.) It’s… Continue reading Earning clients’ trust

What I gained even though I failed as a freelance writer

Last time, on Rubber Ducky Copywriter, I shared my woeful story of failing as a freelance writer. Yes, it sucked in many ways. However, it wasn’t a total loss. With the bumps, bruises and occasionally obliterated self-esteem came some serious growth. I didn’t succeed as a freelancer, but I did manage to grow as a… Continue reading What I gained even though I failed as a freelance writer

Why I failed as a freelance writer

I recently closed my state-recognized, report-my-taxes-or-burn freelance copywriting business. I’m now a bona fide cube dweller with a sweet gig and a steady paycheck. This works for me, and I’m quite happy. Still, I felt a pang of sadness when I closed my business license account and filed the last of my business taxes. It… Continue reading Why I failed as a freelance writer

What writers’ dreams are made of…?

I like to write helpful posts. Information, discoveries, inspiration, resources—things that’ll help you do whatever it is you’re trying to do. This probably isn’t one of those posts. But it still might brighten your general outlook. So here we go… A writer’s brain likes to entertain itself, especially when it’s had a sleep aid. Last… Continue reading What writers’ dreams are made of…?

Why not guarantee the results of your copywriting?

Lately I’ve noticed websites by “results guaranteed copywriters.” These are copywriters who promise increased sales, higher conversion rates or what-have-you, or they’ll give their clients their money back. Why would a freelance copywriter do this? To win trust. Prospects who contact you are taking a risk that the service you provide won’t work. By offering… Continue reading Why not guarantee the results of your copywriting?