Writing Prompt Friday (ghosts)


Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! Christmas is next week. To give you an idea of how much I love this holiday, I hereby happily admit that I once had my (plastic) Christmas tree up in August, just in time for school to start here in the U.S.

Presents are nice. Presents are lovely. And I’m married to the world’s most thoughtful gift giver. But what I love most, and this may sound cliche, is that so many people are just a little bit nicer to each other. A bit more forgiving. A bit more likely to let you merge into traffic without shining their vehicle’s high beams into your brain.

Of course, there are those who are jerks or plain evil all year round. But otherwise, this time of year brings out the best in others. And I love that.

I just realized that I need to stop posting on my blog and get ready for my last 1-on-1 of the year with my boss.

So, on to this week’s prompt…

The three ghosts of Christmas discuss your progress this year. What do they say?

No limit on length.

Want to share your writing prompt result? Share in the comments.

Yours, Ducky

Writing Prompt Friday (finding)


Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! One of my goals this year has been borrowing more books from my local library than buying books from anywhere that sells them. And I’ve done pretty well. One of my favorite things about borrowing books is finding someone else’s random bookmark still in the pages. Coasters, cards, receipts and the occasional printed copy of an email.

Which bring us to this week’s prompt…

You find a letter to Santa in a library book you just borrowed. What does it say? What do you do?

No limit on length.

Want to share your writing prompt result? Share in the comments.

Yours, Ducky

Happy Holidays and New Year wishes


I was looking through some of my Write Quotes this morning and found this:

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.
– Author Unknown

It’s a nice thought to keep in mind.

Now, I don’t know about you, but 2016 has left me dazed, confused and downright exhausted. For many of us, this year has been a haul. A heavy slog through the mud to the finish line. I, for one, am glad it’s almost over.

If you feel the same, I congratulate you on getting through. If your 2016 rocked, I’m sincerely happy for you. If you’re ‘meh’ about the whole thing, pass the wine; I’ll join you.

With the holidays here and 2017 fast approaching, I wish for all of us a better and brighter year filled with joy and creative burst upon creative burst.

May your writing flow like an untamed river.

May your soul be filled to overflowing.

May your muse show up to work when you need her.

May you remember to enjoy life away from the blank page.

May you find your way around those aggravating writer’s blocks.

May your ink pens always have ink.

May your laptops always have power.

May you be kind to yourself when you struggle.

May you congratulate yourself when you succeed.

May you get closer to being the writer you want to be.

This is my last post for this year. I’ve been traveling for the past three weeks and am still too jet-lagged to think bloggingly (totally making that up but I’m running with the proverbial wolves here). See you in 2017.

Happy holidays from your plucky rubber ducky.