How I kept my writer’s resolutions for 2014

Keeping my writer's resolutions for 2014New Year’s is closing in. Time to take an honest look how wellI kept my 9 Writer’s Resolutions for 2014.

My writer’s resolutions boiled down to one thing: shut up and write.

This meant not waiting for the muse to show up or for my writing conditions to be just right. I’m not Goldilocks. My one directive was to attach my butt to my chair, close my mouth and pony up some words. Anything I learned along the way that helped me do that needed to become a habit.

2014 has been a big year for me.

I married the most wonderful man I’ll ever know. We went on a dream honeymoon to Disney World. We adopted one of the most adorable and obnoxious cats we’ll ever know. Without getting too personal, my family dynamics have changed beyond how I knew they would and in many respects, it’s been more painful than joyful. I’ve also developed some close friendships, and my working environment has had its changes, challenges and fortune.

You know—life happens while you’re busy planning ahead.

Still, looking back at my writer’s resolutions, I’m impressed with one thing — through all of the tumult, I kept writing.

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