5 ways to be productive when you can’t write

Drawing a Blank

The past couple of weeks have been a flurry. Work is picking up right before I’m going to be out for dental surgery.

Which means: a) I’m multitasking on a regular basis; and b) I almost can’t be trusted to think straight because I’m scared. (I don’t handle dentist stuff well—at all. Seriously, I have to be gassed for a basic cleaning, I’m that bad.)

Now, whatever type of writer you are, you’re going to have times when you can’t seem to get your work done because you can’t focus on squat because your brain is going in more directions than a Hot Wheels race track that was put together by a group of toddlers and monkeys who are all screaming at each other because they won’t let each other play and hey, isn’t it time for pudding?

Yeah, that’s how my last two weeks have been.

But I’ve found some coping strategies—and I’m happy to share.

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