Book Purge 2016

I knew I have a lot of books. Hard not to notice when I have five full bookcases, plus three knee-high stacks that live on the floor and a short stack on my nightstand. And the miscellaneous collections tucked in my nightstand, my workbag, my purse and in the back of my car. Still, I… Continue reading Book Purge 2016

5 ways to be productive when you can’t write

The past couple of weeks have been a flurry. Work is picking up right before I’m going to be out for dental surgery. Which means: a) I’m multitasking on a regular basis; and b) I almost can’t be trusted to think straight because I’m scared. (I don’t handle dentist stuff well—at all. Seriously, I have… Continue reading 5 ways to be productive when you can’t write

Getting back in writing shape

One of the hardest things about stepping away from your blog for a little while is figuring out how to get back in it. That’s the problem I’m having trouble with now; the brain won’t kick in. It’s like taking a break after you’ve been working out regularly and then trying to pick up where… Continue reading Getting back in writing shape

Rubber Ducky’s Writer’s Resolutions for 2015

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. — Henry David Thoreau In my last post, I took an honest look back at how well I kept my writer’s resolutions for 2014. I did pretty well. I kept most of my resolutions and have… Continue reading Rubber Ducky’s Writer’s Resolutions for 2015

How I kept my writer’s resolutions for 2014

New Year's is closing in. Time to take an honest look how wellI kept my 9 Writer’s Resolutions for 2014. My writer’s resolutions boiled down to one thing: shut up and write. This meant not waiting for the muse to show up or for my writing conditions to be just right. I’m not Goldilocks. My… Continue reading How I kept my writer’s resolutions for 2014