8 rules for lending books

Lending our books out is emotional. We love our books. Part of us worry about our precious books. We wonder if we’ll ever see them again (the books, not our friends). The other part of us is busy trying to give the worrying part of us moral support for the tumult felt deep within our… Continue reading 8 rules for lending books

In answer to “No one reads anymore”

“No one reads anymore.” No writer likes hearing that. I’ll be blunt: that statement is offensive and devalues what we do for a living and who we are as humans. It’s also inaccurate. Recently I was in a meet-n-greet meeting with a new colleague. Guess what I heard this person say (to me, a copywriter).… Continue reading In answer to “No one reads anymore”

Book Buying Ban 2017

Some make New Year’s resolutions; others have New Year’s resolutions thrust upon them. I fall under Column B. I am under a book buying ban until further notice. With good reason. Last week, I re-discovered goodreads.com. I’d apparently created a goodreads account July 2013, but had never gotten around to actually using it for some… Continue reading Book Buying Ban 2017

Readers and Writers: Two Sides of the Same People

I cannot live without books. - Thomas Jefferson Book shopping is like being plopped in a pile of fluffy puppies and told to take your pick. And that you don’t have to stop at just one. The moment my fingers brush the door handle, the books inside chirp like we’re finally being reunited after I… Continue reading Readers and Writers: Two Sides of the Same People