Taking a stand against Self Doubt

Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt.
― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure 

Pink Duckey, Bring It

Let’s see your war face!

Sometimes it takes a verbal sucker punch to light a fire under your butt.

It sounds counter intuitive, but a few weeks ago I got socked right where it counts and can assure you, an emotional black eye can (eventually) have a more positive, longer-lasting impact than a quick pat on the back and “you can do this.”

Several weeks ago, I was meeting some new people, including a budding young graphic artist wants to go into multimedia. When the conversation turned to what it takes to be a successful creative professional, the question of whether or not it’s worth doing came up.

My companion at this get-together meant to say “Hey, yeah it’s tough but Erica’s really good at it.” Instead, out came, “Oh yeah, Erica’s a writer and she gets laid off a lot.”

“She gets laid off a lot”? Continue reading

Rekindling the fire

San Franny Rubber Duck

Experiencing a temporary happy flight delay

Self Doubt has been kicking my butt lately. My imagination has been running wild. My self-discipline has been nothing short of laughable, and I’ve had the attention span of a flea’s flat behind — microscopic and I can’t really tell where it is.

My mission on this blog is to be uplifting and positive. To nurture creativity and help others do the same. To plant rainbows, raise unicorns and turn storm clouds into cotton candy.

Hard to do when my cheerful outlook goes in the pooper. Continue reading