Writer’s Resolutions: My Report Card for 2013

Rubber Ducky exceeded her expectations in 2013Last year, I did what many writers do—I made an ambitious list of writer’s resolutions for the New Year. Now, before I do that to myself again, here’s how I did.

Results time.

Limit my input and spend more time thoughtfully applying what I learn.
Despite this not being a measurable goal, I feel like I achieved it. I blog-hopped less and wrote more. I’ll call this a win.

Stop comparing myself to copywriting gurus, learn more and appreciate my progress.
Again, not a measurable goal but still a win. My confidence and skills have grown.

Do more creative writing; let it flow instead of trying to force it.
I started three works-in-progress and accidentally wrote a children’s book. Less of a win than I wanted but not a complete failure. Continue reading