Writing Prompt Friday (scratch)

Rubber Ducky Copywriter - Writing Prompt Friday

Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt FridayThis week is brought to you by enough coffee to power my SUV and a new batch of basic, No. 2 pencils. Not sure which I love more; both smell like hope and humanity, and both bring me joy and creativity. Then again, I also really love my SUV.

Enjoy this week’s prompt while I fix myself a third cup of coffee.

scratch, scratch…

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Yours, Ducky

Writing Prompt Friday (forgetting)

Writing Prompt Friday Rubber Ducky Copywriter

Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt FridayHurricane Dorian is heading for Florida. All of Florida. And while I usually take this text block to be personal or witty (or try to), right now I just want to say this: Be careful. To everyone who’s getting ready for this storm, be careful. I grew up with hurricanes; they’re terrifying. Be careful out there. And good luck. My thoughts are with you.

This week’s writing prompt…

There was nothing unforgettable about her, but I couldn’t forget if I spent my life trying.

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Yours, Ducky

5 ways to keep your creative well topped off

Empty Inside LolCatIt happens to every writer. Every so often, we hit a dry spell. One minute we’re bursting with clever copy and witty word banter. The next minute, we’re trying to remember the difference between “write” and “right.”

Kristen Lamb, author of #1 best-selling books We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer, recently posted on her blog:

“We must fill our creative well before we write,
or we have nothing to draw from.”
– Kristen Lamb,
The First & Most Crucial Step to OWNING NaNoWriMo

Although her post focuses on fiction writers gearing up for National Write Your Ass Off month (also known as November), she makes a good point about writers’ creativity in general: we need to keep refilling our creative wells or they’ll run dry.

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