writing prompt: sun go boom

Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday. Today is the Friday before a 3-day weekend here in the U.S. In unrelated news, I ate cookies and milk for lunch so I can get off work earlier. Feeling like an adult. And now, on to this week's writing prompt... What if the sun suddenly fell… Continue reading writing prompt: sun go boom

An open letter to Writer’s Block

Dear Writer’s Block, Thanks to you, it’s taken me almost ten minutes to write this sentence. You’re the gag gift that comes with every blank page. The side of half-baked brussel sprouts with every meal. You are more persistently irritating than a grain of sand nailed to the eyeball. You are a plague to writers… Continue reading An open letter to Writer’s Block

4 ways to write your way out of writer’s block, fast

Having writer’s block and a looming deadline can zap your creative juices faster than a cat can claw you for rubbing its belly. There’s always typing with your eyes closed but sometimes —such as when your brain is stressed — closing your eyes just gives your brain time to invent horrors that will befall you… Continue reading 4 ways to write your way out of writer’s block, fast

How to Win a Stare Down with the Blank Page

You can't think yourself out of a writing block, you have to write yourself out of a thinking block. – John Rogers, Kung Fu Monkey, 06-25-11 The blank page can be intimidating. And when you get into a staring down with it, you know you’re gonna be the first to blink. (You’re the one with… Continue reading How to Win a Stare Down with the Blank Page