Rubber Ducky’s Writer’s Resolutions for 2015

San Franny Rubber Duck

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important
as what you become by achieving your goals.
— Henry David Thoreau

In my last post, I took an honest look back at how well I kept my writer’s resolutions for 2014. I did pretty well. I kept most of my resolutions and have been writing my little fingers off all year, mostly outside of Rubber Ducky Copywriter.

Now it’s time to unwrap my new set of writer’s resolutions for the coming year.

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How I kept my writer’s resolutions for 2014

Keeping my writer's resolutions for 2014New Year’s is closing in. Time to take an honest look how wellI kept my 9 Writer’s Resolutions for 2014.

My writer’s resolutions boiled down to one thing: shut up and write.

This meant not waiting for the muse to show up or for my writing conditions to be just right. I’m not Goldilocks. My one directive was to attach my butt to my chair, close my mouth and pony up some words. Anything I learned along the way that helped me do that needed to become a habit.

2014 has been a big year for me.

I married the most wonderful man I’ll ever know. We went on a dream honeymoon to Disney World. We adopted one of the most adorable and obnoxious cats we’ll ever know. Without getting too personal, my family dynamics have changed beyond how I knew they would and in many respects, it’s been more painful than joyful. I’ve also developed some close friendships, and my working environment has had its changes, challenges and fortune.

You know—life happens while you’re busy planning ahead.

Still, looking back at my writer’s resolutions, I’m impressed with one thing — through all of the tumult, I kept writing.

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9 Writer’s Resolutions for 2014

Rubber Ducky Copywriter resolves to shut up and writeI’ve been writing my entire life,
and I’ll always write.
—J. K. Rowling

In my past post, I took a look back at my Writers Resolutions for 2013 and took a hard look at how I did. Not too shabby, but I’d made too many resolutions, many of which I couldn’t measure.

Would I do it again if I could go back in time? Of course. I learned a lot and achieved a lot that I may not have otherwise.

Still, now that I’ve been there and done that, I’m taking a new approach for this next year. So, without further ado, here are my
9 Writer’s Resolutions for 2014.

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Writer’s Resolutions: My Report Card for 2013

Rubber Ducky exceeded her expectations in 2013Last year, I did what many writers do—I made an ambitious list of writer’s resolutions for the New Year. Now, before I do that to myself again, here’s how I did.

Results time.

Limit my input and spend more time thoughtfully applying what I learn.
Despite this not being a measurable goal, I feel like I achieved it. I blog-hopped less and wrote more. I’ll call this a win.

Stop comparing myself to copywriting gurus, learn more and appreciate my progress.
Again, not a measurable goal but still a win. My confidence and skills have grown.

Do more creative writing; let it flow instead of trying to force it.
I started three works-in-progress and accidentally wrote a children’s book. Less of a win than I wanted but not a complete failure. Continue reading

Writers Resolutions for 2013: My Progress Report

The aim of life is self-development.
– Oscar Wilde

In January, I made some ambitious writers resolutions for 2013. With March wrapped  up, it’s time to take a look at how it’s going.

Resolution #1: Less input, more application.
Limit my input and spend more time thoughtfully applying what I learn.

I’ve cut back on blog hopping and created a sandbox replica of Rubber Ducky Copywriter to test WordPress features. Which has helped me clean up my widgets and prevented some image-related blunders. I’ve also stepped up my study of how to be good Twitter tweeter, creating headlines and practicing my writing.

It’s too early to read into metrics, but my blog is earning more comments and followers. (Thank you everyone. It means a lot.)

Resolution #2: Respect my copywriting.
Focus on learning from the gurus rather than make comparisons and finding fault with myself.

Not easy. Especially when learning from the best involves some comparison. And, there’s no way  to actually measure my success or failure. However, I have noticed that in general, I’m more confident in my professional skills and professional presentation. I can only guess that it’s working.

Resolution #3: Respect my creative writing.
Stop sprinkling my creative with work copywriting principles and just let it be.

I created a separate, private blog with a page just for my creative writing. My numerous entries on that page and in my journal tell me I’m rocking this one. And not one of those entries has anything whatsoever to do with marketing. (That took some serious practice.)

Resolution #4: Read my professional development books.
Slight problem—I own a more than I thought. For every one I pick up, I seem to find two. I’d also be reading these faster if I put down the other 3-4 books I’m reading for entertainment. If gurus would write helpful, practical development books with magical cat characters or a crime to solve, we’d be in business.

At the moment, I’m studying two books: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman (again). Up next: Hey Whipple Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan and Purple Cow by Seth Godin.

Resolution #5: Enter three writing contests.
I’ve entered—and lost—one writing contest so far. Two more to go.

Resolution #6: Fill four journals.
I’m right on target. I’ve completed my first journal and it’s full of ideas, sketches, creative writing, doodles and rough drafts.

Resolution #7: Get a life outside of writing.
Fill a standard sketchbook.

Good news is that I’m drawing more. Mostly doodles in my journal and on scraps of paper. Bad news is that I only have two drawings actually in my sketchbook. That’s two more than I’ve drawn in the past three years but if I’m going to fill that sketchbook, I need to pick up the pace.

Resolution #8: Go 180 days without soda.
I’ve been a bad, bad ducky. The only time I’ve behaved myself this year is during my nasty head cold in January. But I’m drinking more water…that’s gotta count for something, right? 

Since I first posted these resolutions, I’ve received a lot of feedback that boils down to “you set yourself up for failure.” Yes, I did. And that’s okay. As I said in the original post, “It’s not about being perfect; it’s about doing better.”

This is just the first quarter and I have some course corrections to make, but I’m still proud of myself. I’m doing what I set out to do—making progress.

How about you? How are your resolutions coming along?