My 7 Writer’s Resolutions for 2013

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.
– Walt Disney

For years, I avoided making resolutions. Then last year, when my soda intake was up to five cans a day, I made a deal with myself:  I could get a new Xbox 360 console if I went 100 days without soda. Despite my best excuses, I did it.

I broke through that “I can’t do it” barrier with which we are all familiar.

More than just feeling healthier, I felt empowered. Pulling-Excalibur-from-the-stone empowered. Riding that momentum (and coming off of milestone birthday), I’m ready to take on more.

Starting with my writing.

Resolution #1: Less input, more application.
Doing too much research consumes valuable brain capacity that could otherwise be used to figure out how to put that research to work. We feel smart when we read it but stupid when we try to apply it.

I’m going to limit my input in 2013 and spend more time thoughtfully applying what I learn.

Resolution #2: Respect my copywriting.
When I compare myself to the gurus, I come up short. (C’mon, they’re gurus. And we are our own worst critics.) But my bills are paid and my clients are happy.

I am an experienced copywriter. I need to remember that. 2013 will see me focus on learning more, comparing less and appreciating my progress. Continue reading