Writing Prompt Friday (scratch)

Rubber Ducky Copywriter - Writing Prompt Friday

Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! This week is brought to you by enough coffee to power my SUV and a new batch of basic, No. 2 pencils. Not sure which I love more; both smell like hope and humanity, and both bring me joy and creativity. Then again, I also really love my SUV.… Continue reading Writing Prompt Friday (scratch)

Staying social when writing is solitary

Writing itself is solitary. Even if we’re working in an office and surrounded by people, we typically tuck ourselves away, apply our headphones and scurry into our documents with the enthusiasm of a meerkat digging a new downstairs. Let the others collaborate; I have word magic to conjure. It’s not that we dislike people (generally… Continue reading Staying social when writing is solitary

New year, new direction

Master has given Ducky a sock. Rather than wait for a specific date to roll around, I’ve found that just getting started on making a change when the inspiration hits is more effective and longer lasting. I’ve made them before, but they didn’t stick; as usual. This year however, I’m being laid off. Why is… Continue reading New year, new direction

Instant Self-care for Writers

Self-care is all the rage these days.  And there's no shortage of tips and tricks about super-awesome strategies for creating a super-awesome you and keeping your new super-awesome you running like new. And those are all grand ideas. What I sometimes struggle with is that much of it either won’t work for me or isn't… Continue reading Instant Self-care for Writers

The secret to inspiration and the danger of overthinking

Happiness is when your boss’s boss’s boss asks you what inspires you—and you have no answer. I experienced this joy a couple of weeks ago. It went like this… Head Guy: “So what inspires you?” What I thought: Oh crap. Why don’t I know? I should know. Why is he so bald? Why am I… Continue reading The secret to inspiration and the danger of overthinking