about me

Why hello there. I’m Erica Wall, the Rubber Ducky Copywriter. I also answer to “Ducky.” Nice to meet you.

Welcome to Rubber Ducky Copywriter, my little corner of the internet. In addition to serving as my place to practice my writing and editing, I post helpful writing advice to make your visit worthwhile.

I’m a professional copywriter with more than 15 years of experience. 

I’ve built brand voices and libraries of marketing content for start-ups and a well-known Fortune 500 company. Ads, white papers, brochures, web content, articles, video scripts: my list of “I do that” is nearly endless. And still growing. I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Houston, where I majored in Applied Design and Visual Arts. Meaning I collaborate with designers effectively because I speak their language.

I’m a writer by nature and I love what I do. If you’re curious, check out my street creds and portfolio on WallCopywriting.com, LinkedIn and Behance.

Of course, like most of us, I answer to a higher authority. Namely, my cat Henwen. She does not maintain an internet presence but she does maintain order in this house.

A real-world writer, earning a living the real-world way.

My number of books on the New York Times Bestseller list: 0

My number of publications in major magazines (so far): 0

My answer to “what are you working on now”: “Look! A bird!”

What this all adds up to… A writer who works the grind, gets it done, and doesn’t worry about where the accolades fall because she knows how lucky she is to make a living doing what she does. Okay, that and a solid handle on solving problems just about every real-world writer faces instead of “how do I launch my own brand and earn a million dollars a year” kind of aspirational writing problems. Nothing wrong with aiming high. I focus on getting the job done and getting better at this craft that I love so much.

Most of my creative writing is done during lunch, after hours, the weekend and random blocks of time scattered throughout my day job. And when Henwen allows. Because she is the boss.

I also have a husband I call “Sweetie,” who doesn’t really understand what I do but is lovingly supportive nonetheless.

16 thoughts on “about me”

  1. Hi Erica, I’ve just found you and I really like your blog and your squeaky friends! Looking forward to following along with your journey 🙂

  2. Glad we could share space on Peter Mallett’s latest blog post! I especially like your thought about turning “what’s the point?” into “what’s my alternative?” Keeping the door open is a much better way to look at rejection.

    1. Hi Deanne, it’s nice to meet you! Thank you for the kind words. I enjoyed reading your contribution, too. I was especially impressed at your tenacity; no matter how many times you heard “no,” you kept pitching your ideas. Well done!

    1. Wow, that’s quite a compliment. Thank you so much for the nomination. And thank you for your brave posts. I really enjoy your blog.

      1. Hi there, welcome to Rubber Ducky Copywriter!

        Plastic ducks are cute (and so are the real ones), but a rubber ducky will always steal my heart first. 🙂

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