Writing Prompt Friday (love)

Welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday. Yes, it's now the day after Valentine's Day, but I've got a ready theme, so I'm running with it. Ready? Here’s your prompt. Cupid is retiring. St. Valentine is interviewing you to replace him. How does it go? How the series works (so far): Every Friday, I offer one… Continue reading Writing Prompt Friday (love)

Return of the Ducky

Since I started this blog, I’ve wondered how much personal stuff to share. On one hand, I want this blog to be useful and relatable. Plus, it’s part of my portfolio, and there’s only so much the professional world needs to know. On the other, I’m a human being and it’s my blog about life… Continue reading Return of the Ducky

8 Reasons to Get Social

Creative writers such as novelists need to build their brand, and they often use social media as a key part of their brand-building strategy. Even Stephen King’s fairly active on Facebook. Copywriters should do the same. Why? Because we're creative professionals. Whether you’re freelance or part of a company team, you are still your own brand.… Continue reading 8 Reasons to Get Social

Happy National Rubber Ducky Day 2017

January 13 is National Rubber Ducky Day! It’s rare that I use exclamation points, so yes, this is exciting!! Now, I could share a bunch of rubber ducky facts such as they were introduced in the 1800s as children’s toys. I could cheer them for their charity work because they’re used in rubber duck races… Continue reading Happy National Rubber Ducky Day 2017

Birthdays: 4. Lessons: Lots.

Rubber Ducky Copywriter is now four years old. It’s a little mind blowing for two reasons. One that I’ve kept up with it for four years, and two that you kind, wonderful people visit. That second reason is the most important. Thank you for every visit, every ‘Like,’ every comment—everything. Even those of you who… Continue reading Birthdays: 4. Lessons: Lots.