Write Books

Every writer needs a collection of select books to serve as a go-to for building their career. The books below are ones that I’ve read, re-read and will re-read again. These are the books that I’m happy to recommend to anyone looking to level up and unlock their creativity. Check ’em out. You don’t even have to return them.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Empathetic to the inner struggles of writers, Pressfield helps us define the enemy that keeps us from doing our art and then helps us do our art anyway. I’d also recommend getting the audiobook and listening to it on loop; it’s that good.

The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman

A must-read resource for freelance commercial writers, especially new ones. It tells you how to set up shop, set your pricing and find clients. Plus links that are listed only in the book. Excellent for copywriters, both freelance and cube dwelling.

On Writing by Stephen King

In which King shares his experience and insights on being a productive, creative writer. Even if you’re not a fan of his novels, he shares some gems that can help you sharpen your approach to the blank page.

Knock ‘Em Dead by Martin Yates

Not specific for writers, this is a series of job search guides that include resumes, cover letters and the interview. I’ve used these books, not the coaching or services, just the books for years to great success. And I recommend them to everyone I know. Because we’re not all freelancers.

My Policy
I list only those books that I’ve read from start to finish and can recommend with confidence. Some links direct to the book’s listing on Amazon, others to the author’s page. In all instances, the links below are not paid affiliate links—I receive no commission if you buy through this page. (I’m not above it, I’m just too lazy to set it up.)