Start writing your new year

I'm glad I'm a writer.How’s your start to the new year going? Still putting off starting your new blog? Story still gathering dust? Tired of such thought-provoking questions yet?

Okay, I’ll quit asking (for now).

And yes, I know. Big talk from someone who hasn’t even posted to her own blog for three months; yup, I own it. This is one of those times I’m talking to myself just as much as I’m putting it out there for others.

I’m easy—I fell out of the habit and am picking it back up before I’m too embarrassed to come back to my own blog. As for you (if you’re still reading), what’s keeping you from your craft?

In my experience, both personal and observed in fellow writers, the most common excuses and reasons boil down to one big fear: What will other people think?

Bad news. No one’s reading your stuff in the beginning.

Good news. No one’s reading your stuff in the beginning.

Yes, this is good news. It gives you the freedom to make mistakes without judgment.

In the beginning, most new blogs don’t get traffic outside of spammers trying to sell genuinely fake consumer goods or adult entertainment products. When I started this blog, I was propositioned more often than the weekend I spent in Las Vegas.

Test your design options, state your opinions, enjoy the room to make typos while you have it.

When your blog gets traffic and people start reading your stuff, they’ll be kind enough to point out your typos and grammatical errors—which will in turn help transform you into a crackerjack proofreader.

No one’s going to read the first draft of your story or novel unless you let them, either. Journals, notes on napkins, scribbles on your hand—all for your eyes only.

So that whole “What will people think” fear? You don’t have to worry about that in the beginning. And when people’s opinions start rolling in, you’ll learn a whole new set of skills, like dealing with trolls and taking feedback graciously.

You can’t control what people will (eventually) think about your work. You can only control whether you do your work or not.

I’m starting by picking up where I left off. What’s the next thing you’re going to work on? Post in the comments. And you’re welcome to share; I won’t even point out typos.

Also: I’m so behind that I just realized that I’ve missed writing a post for National Rubber Ducky Day 2015. I suck. I hang my ducky head in shame. I also have this handy-dandy link to my post for last year’s Rubber Ducky Day, which was a nice and lengthy post of which I’m still proud.

Also also: Even after three months away from the blog, I still spell it “Rubby Ducker” the first time, every time.

4 thoughts on “Start writing your new year”

  1. Welcome back, Erica, and Happy New Year! You’re so right – we’re only responsible for what we do, nothing else. I’m working on a novel a few other things this year; keeping it low key to boost my chances of reaching my goals 🙂

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