Being thankful this Thanksgiving


Sometimes it’s hard to be thankful. For millions of us (myself included), these past few weeks have been one of those times. Adding to some other upheaval that’s been going on in my life for the past seven months, I’ve had days I just wanted to curl up with my teddy bear and not come out from under the covers for the rest of the week.

(Seriously, what’s up, Universe? Do you need a hug? Or a vacation?)

But instead of writing a political post or a personal post, I’m going to put some gratitude back out into the universe.

Because I think we can all use a little goodness right now.

I’m thankful for my amazing husband and kitty, who make my heart smile every day.

I’m thankful for a wonderful mother-in-law, who will stay at our place for two weeks to babysit our kitty while we go on vacation.

I’m thankful I get to write for a living; not everyone gets to.

I’m thankful for my love of books; not sure where I’d be without them.

I’m thankful for my new glasses, which help me cross the street safely.

I’m thankful for my healthcare, which helps me stay up-to-date on all my shots.

I’m thankful for my teddy bear, who understands when no one else does.

I’m thankful for LOLcats, and the fact that there’s one for every occasion.

I’m thankful for a warm, safe place to sleep at night.

I’m thankful for my car, which runs perfectly and is totally paid off.

I’m thankful for (not a paid link), so I can tweet feel-good gifs.

I’m thankful for friends who treat each other with respect despite differences.

I’m thankful to work at a company that values inclusion and won’t tolerate abusive shenanigans.

I’m thankful for my blog, my tiny corner of the web-o-sphere.

And I’m thankful for you.

Yes, you. You, the super-awesome person reading this right now. You, who have stopped by my tiny blog and decided to read my tiny post.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: readership of any size is a privilege, not a right. I do almost zero marketing for this blog; your finding me is proof is that miracles can happen.

I appreciate every one of you who stops by, leaves a comment or ‘likes’ a post.

Thank you.

Whatever your political views, religion, background, country, age, race, orientation, stance on the Oxford comma or favorite Harry Potter character—you are welcome here. And you are appreciated.

Next week is Thanksgiving. I hope you have a good one.

(Providing, of course, that you celebrate Thanksgiving but if you don’t that’s okay, too. No pressure. Or judgement. Although you’re missing out on a terrific excuse to stuff yourself full of pie. Actually, feel free to stuff yourself full of pie no matter what day it is, even if you don’t observe Thanksgiving, because pie is awesome. Also: check with your doctor to make sure you’re allowed to eat pie. Stay healthy. Fingers crossed that you can eat pie. If you want to. Okay, I’ve gotten off track, but hopefully you get the idea.)

If you’d like to add to the gratitude, feel free to share what you’re thankful for in the comments below. And if you need a pick-me-up, visit my Twitter page (@JustDuckyWriter) for funny stuff, kitten gifs and glittery sloths.

4 thoughts on “Being thankful this Thanksgiving”

    1. Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to have make you laugh.

      Ever see the Stephen King movie Thinner? In the end, the main character has to get rid of gypsy curse that’s about to kill him. He does so by bleeding into a pie. Only for it to work, he has to feed the pie to someone else…who turn out to be his cheating wife and his daughter.

      Moral of the story: It really is important to pie responsibly. 🙂

  1. On Thanksgiving, I’m most thankful for fried onions. It’s something I never eat any other day (except leftovers of course). The last few weeks, I’ve found it hard to be thankful, for national and personal reasons. I think you’ve got it right, the Universe apparently needs a great big hug and sending gratitude out there is the best way to get a bear grip on a non-corporeal being (or would that be too many and vast corporeals?). I look around, and I have a lot to be thankful for. Especially that yellow rubber ducky showing up in my inbox. Makes me smile, every time.

    1. Fried onions are an under-rated treasure, especially when they’re packed a mile high on a green bean casserole.

      Corporeal and non-corporeal beings: I think we can all use a hug. Glad you stopped by. Thank you for the kind words. (((smiles back atcha)))

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