Book Buying Ban 2017


Some make New Year’s resolutions; others have New Year’s resolutions thrust upon them. I fall under Column B.

I am under a book buying ban until further notice.

With good reason.

Last week, I re-discovered I’d apparently created a goodreads account July 2013, but had never gotten around to actually using it for some reason I can’t remember. Then one of my favorite bookish YouTubers set up an account and being the faithful fangirl that I am, I followed her so I could follow her reading lists.

I then discovered the feature that lets me make lists.

“I get to make book lists? Of books? Best. Day. Ever.”

My joy was as pure as the snow falling outside and blanketing our world with perfect indoor reading conditions.

I started adding books to my “read’ list. I was unduly impressed that I could add 156 books from memory.

Yes! I’ve read that! And that! And that!

Then I started adding to my “to read” list. Again, exciting. Partly because I have a lot of reading ahead of me, and partly because I already own a vast majority of them. Plus, I was still impressed that I was adding them from memory. Besides, I’d just gotten a big pile of books for Christmas. My cup of joy overflowed.

Bam! I know what’s on my shelf!

But then my “to read” list kept growing. And growing. And growing. When I started writing this post, it was up to 63. By the time I completed this paragraph, it had grown to 70—of which I own 65.

That means that I have 65 books at home that I haven’t read sitting on my shelves and on my floor, side table, nightstand and basically any spare surface that isn’t used for daily living. Again, that list is just from memory. If I went through my books and made a complete list, I wouldn’t be surprised if the number surpassed 100.

“Oh crap. What have I done to myself?”

Hence, my book buying ban.

I’ve tried it countless times before. Never stuck to it. Hence, the bookish pickle in which find myself. Seriously, though, I cannot justify buying another book until I read through at least half of what I have.

“Hey, look at that! My to-read list just jumped to 70.”

Wish me luck. I’d rather give up cupcakes.

“I feel so doomed.”

8 thoughts on “Book Buying Ban 2017”

  1. Ooh, baby! Ooh, baby! Ooh, baby, OOOHHHH! I hear ya!

    Yeah – I not only *already own* hundreds of books that I haven’t read yet; they’re not even anywhere in close physical proximity to me, these days! Plus, they’re in boxes, ta-boot!

    Anybody interested in buying used books, sight-unseen (and uncatalogued), located in northern Detroit proper?
    Guaranteed to be ‘interesting’! (LOL, sorta)


    1. You. Are. Awesome.

      But that does bring up an interesting thought…book swapping. If you all would like, you could reach out to friends and swap books as you read them. It’s not buying if it’s a gift. Just sayin’. 😉

      Also: Boxes of books make handy tables. And fort-building material.


  2. I’ve put myself on a book buying ban too. Not counting the obvious reference books such as jewelry-making and cookbooks, I’ve well over 100 business books to catch up on. Fiction? Meh, a dozen or less. In my Kindle? Let me say this much: I’m even banning myself from “buying” free ones for it. LOL

  3. I’m on a book ban too. 😦 I used to read voraciously, but now it takes me FOREVER to get through a book. I’m right there with ya babe. You can do it!

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