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Writing Prompt Friday (spiders)


Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that walking into a spider’s web creates a more alert human than 10,000 cups of triple-shot lattes. But once we’re done flailing about to extricate ourselves, how often do we consider the spider’s feelings? Its hard work was just destroyed. And if the spider’s within striking range, how many of us refrain from sending it to its maker?

I used to be quick to squish.

These days, I’m trying to be benevolent. I name every spider I see “Bob” and give it room—as long as it’s outside my home. When I finish flailing and swearing after walking into one of “Bob’s” webs, I even apologize for having made it homeless.

Which brings us to this week’s writing prompt…

From a spider’s perspective, write a letter begging yourself for mercy.

Bonus points for letting the next 10 spiders you see live to web another day.

Bonus points are valid only for self esteem and bragging rights. Not valid for monetary prizes or any tangible goodie here, with any merchant or anywhere on the planet, real or imagined. Non-transferrable. Never expires.


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Yours, Ducky


3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Friday (spiders)”

  1. Well, I gave the spider in my car a LOT of mercy last week, mostly because it disappeared before I could whack it out the window. I hope it lives a long and webby life:-)

    1. Ha! Love it. Last summer a small spider made its home in my car’s driver-side mirror. Lived through car washes, storms and birds. By the end of the summer, I considered it my Patronus. 🙂

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