Rubber Ducky Copywriter - Writing Prompt Friday

Writing Prompt Friday (fish)

Rubber Ducky Copywriter - Writing Prompt FridayHello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! This week I was surprised at work. I won an Excellence Award, which includes a certificate, a trophy and a cash bonus. While those are lovely and deeply appreciated, I appreciate them more because of the person who nominated me. His opinion carries weight. He doesn’t give compliments cheaply. His friendship is earned, not freely given. For him to nominate me is a high compliment. For others to approve it (and for so many people to congratulate me) means more than the award itself.

People are looking even when you don’t realize it. And they’re talking.

Now, on to this week’s prompt…

Writing Prompt

Write a conversation between these two fish.


Remember: Write at least 500 words.

Want to share your writing prompt result? Share in the comments.
Yours, Ducky



3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Friday (fish)”

    1. I’m greedy and love cash, but the real win is that the nomination for the award come from someone who:
      1. Does not freely give compliments, ever
      2. Knows me better than any other coworker here and has seen some of my crazy

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