Writing Prompt Friday (in the belly)


Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! Well, it’s January 17, and my Christmas tree is still up. The cat still keeps trying to climb it. The holiday storage bins are scattered about the home. The cat is unhappy about this state of clutter. Ice hugs my doorstep. The cat doesn’t care because she lives her life indoors, safe and snug. Snow blankets my husband’s car because I park under covered parking like the snowflake I am. (I’m okay with this; so is the husband; I love him; how many semicolons are too many?)

None of this has anything to do with this week’s prompt, but I hope you enjoy it anyway…

I work in the stomach of a teenage boy.

No limit on length.

Want to share your writing prompt result? Share in the comments.

Yours, Ducky

P.S. Yes, I’m taking the tree down this weekend.

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