writing prompt: what’s good

I confess: I’m notorious for not following my own self-care advice. So I doomscrolled a wee bit today and now I’m a wee bit depressed by the news, which is (as we all know) sad sad sad sad. Which has left me wondering if there’s any good news out there? So I found some good news in the form of a dog surviving in the woods and while many people find solace in this kind of story, my brain zeroes in on the fact that dog needed to survive in the first place.

Not helpful, brain. Whose side are you even on? I’m your house; remember that.

Yes, I have a point. Namely, today’s writing prompt.

Writing prompt

Write the good news story you most want to read right now.

Share in the comments if you’d like. But even if you choose not (and that’s okay, no pressure), I hope you feel better. I’m going to go pet my cat because I know she doesn’t need saving. Even if she’d like to dispute that sometimes.

Stay safe,

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