Write Links

As a rule, we writers are online almost every day. And we tend to wander. So, if you’re going to wander across the Internet instead of doing your work, here are some wander-worthy sites to help ease the guilt. Because it’s all about development, right?

ABC Copywriting (copywriting)– A creative agency based in England. I love their work and their blog, which is full of helpful perspective and direction on nearly every aspect of copywriting and branding.

Copyblogger (copywriting, content marketing) –This blog has an extensive archive full of articles on being a better copywriter and overall strategic thinker.

The Well-Fed Writer Blog (copywriting, freelancing) – This blog is a relative of the popular The Well-Fed Writer book by Peter Bowerman, which I also recommend.

Kristen Lamb’s Blog, We Are Not Alone (writing) – Kristen Lamb doles out smart advice about getting the job done that makes my inner hamster stand at attention and salute her.

Write to Done (copywriting, writing, freelancing) – Covers so many aspects of writing creatively and professionally, the joy and the additional knowledge make my head spin, in a good way.

Zen Habits (lifestyle, creativity) – Two words: Leo Babauta. His thoughtful perspectives and recommendations for living a fulfilling, kind and creative life.

Writing About Writing (creative writing) – This is Chris Brecheen’s blog about being a writer. It’s hefty, smart and inspiring. The man typically has a ton going on at any one time and yet he still writes on a regular basis. It’s pretty wow.