Birthdays: 4. Lessons: Lots.

Rubber Ducky Copywriter turns 3

Rubber Ducky Copywriter is now four years old.

It’s a little mind blowing for two reasons. One that I’ve kept up with it for four years, and two that you kind, wonderful people visit.

That second reason is the most important.

Thank you for every visit, every ‘Like,’ every comment—everything. Even those of you who lurk or read one post and move along or came here looking for a cat meme, you all make my day. You keep me thinking and writing. You keep me inspired.

Just because someone writes something and posts it on the Internet doesn’t mean that person is entitled to readers. Yet, despite the fact that I do zero marketing for this blog, here you are.

Hopefully, I’ve made it worth your time. Your time is valuable. That you spend some of it with me is humbling and appreciated.

For my blog’s first birthday, I shared the story of how this blog came to be in 1 year older, 1 year wiser. My blog’s second birthday went uncelebrated because I totally forgot and I’ve been apologizing to my blog ever since. (I’m sorry, already!)

Last year, I shared what I’d learned in Holy crap, it’s been three years already.

RubberDuckysKeyboardWhen I started this blog, I already had four failed blogs under my belt. They failed because I was trying to be a ‘professional.’ Yes, I put that in quotes because I was trying to present myself as an industry-savvy writer who knew what she was doing even though she’d just started freelancing after being downsized (again). I was tired of failing and decided screw it, I’ll just be myself.

Fumbling sometimes, winning sometimes, learning as I go sometimes. And surprising myself with how much I already knew but didn’t know I knew.

This is my place to write things out. Encourage myself when I need it. Hopefully, encourage some other people (like you) when you might need it.

This blog helps me keep my writing skills sharp. I’ve discovered my own style and my own voice and those two things make it totally worth it.

Sure, I go through periods of inactivity; we all do. And that’s okay. When I come back, it still feels like home. Because it is.

So, if you’re still thinking about starting your blog, just start.

Through these past years I’ve tried productivity hack after productivity hack after productivity hack. Here’s what works… writing.

Seriously. That’s it. The time you spend searching for some secret sauce or magic key to unlocking your inner writer (or hamster) is time you could better spend just plain writing. Just sit down, close any program or application or browser window that you’re not immediately using, and start pouring out the words. You can always reorganize them later. Just write.

There’s some more lessons (that still apply) in my previous birthday post, Holy crap, it’s been three years already. Read the whole post for it to make more sense.

  • Your blog will suck sometimes—and that’s okay.
  • You post will nail it sometimes—enjoy it.
  • You get what you give—eventually, maybe.
  • Your reason for writing—remember it.
  • Above all, be authentic.

It’s your blog. Yes, be relevant and care about your readers and treat them with respect. But your voice is yours to find. Your blog is yours to cultivate.

TDuckiesTNhere’s a big difference between a personal blog and a professional blog, but writing is personal. What you care about and blog about is personal. Put your heart into it.

Put your ‘you-ness’ into it.

From my flock to yours, thanks for the past four years. 

8 thoughts on “Birthdays: 4. Lessons: Lots.”

  1. Happy Blogaversary! Great that in a celebratory post you still made it resourceful. Thanks for your lessons. I echo a few of those lessons when I lead workshops on starting a blog. It has more impact when people hear consistent advice from veteran bloggers–now I can reference you as an example too!

  2. Congratulations on four years! Next, you’ll be five – and all ready for kindergarten. LOL

    1. Yes! In addition to another year of writing under the belt, there will be glitter and glue and construction paper. Because kindergarten. It’s gonna be grand.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m sorry to hear that you put your blog on hold. I’ve always enjoyed it. Let me know when (*wink*) you pick it back up again. (I believe in you.) 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, Blog!
    Always a pleasure to see you popping with zesty you-niqueness.

    You just put me in a mind to see professionalism as a vine and yank it out by the roots. Spent a couple hours yesterday yanking 10 years of vines out of a 20 year old MaeShil tree (Korean green plum). The vine choked off all but a few branches desperately escaping east and west and skyward. it looked lusciously full at the start, but it was all vine; now It looks like a scrawny poodle embarrassed by its summer brush cut. Think I’ll have a professionalism bonfire today.

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