You know you’re a writer when

Bust Writer's Block

Writers are, by nature, a unique breed of people. Some even call us quirky. In the four years I’ve been writing for this blog, I’ve tried to encourage others (like you) to be the writer you want to be. Find your voice. Write that story or start that project you’ve always wanted to start.

One topic I haven’t covered yet is how you can tell if you’re a writer.

Yes, there are a ton of (semi-joking) blog posts and articles. And yes, there are countless jokes to make.

But there are few fairly solid truths that every writer I’ve met or worked with has shared.

You know you’re a writer when…

You collect journals, pens and pencils like it’s your job, even though you don’t fill them as quickly as you acquire them.

Your keyboard is both a weapon of mass creativity and a torture device.

You dislike it when people stereotype you, but yet you enjoy drinking caffeinated beverages at your favorite coffee spot while you pound out your latest story on your laptop.

Your feelings about the Oxford comma run deeper than what’s socially acceptable.

Your argument for (or against) the Oxford comma is based more on actual punctuation rules and less on “it’s what I grew up with” or “it’s what my teacher taught me.”

You want to share your writing with the world—and you’re terrified of being ridiculed and run out of town as a fraud.

You stop correcting people who assume you’ve read and understand the great works of literature even though you’ve never so much as opened their front covers and have no intention of ever doing so.

You lament not having time to write, regardless of how what your schedule is like.

You prefer email to talking on the phone because you can edit the email and make sure your commas are ‘just so.’

You get grumpy, depressed and withdrawn when you haven’t been writing.

You love getting books as gifts.

You love giving books as gifts.

Your brain wants to boil itself when you see improper uses of “your,” “you’re,” “to,” “too” and apostrophes.

You wonder if you’re a ‘real’ writer.

Now you know. How many of these did you check off? Share in a comment below.

3 thoughts on “You know you’re a writer when”

  1. That’s not what that cat is thinking. That cat is thinking, “I didn’t get nearly enough hair in between the T and the Y. Must rectify that during 2 PM nap shift.”

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