100 Projects to Recenter

Evil Plans LOL Cat

Life happens. Constantly. We’ve all gone through those phases in which work overwhelms us and so does family and so do these commitments and so does this and so does that. The list never ends.

As I covered in my previous post, this year has been especially, well, full. I lost track of my inner duckyness. I was getting by and handling business, but I wasn’t having a whole lot of fun. Okay, no fun. I was having zero fun. And it was exhausting.

This kind of life creeps up on you. Before you know it, you can lose track of all your hobbies and outlets that make you your awesome self.

A friend of mine recently went through the same lack of joy. And she had a great idea, which I’m sharing with anyone whom I think could use a recenter.

She calls it the “100 Project.”

This 100 Project is not the same as the 100% Project to crowdfund for education; not at all related. This is a way to bring some balance back into your life and get back in touch with what makes you feel like yourself. It’s a way to exercise important self-care.

Even if you’re already happy and balanced and full of joy, this is still a great idea.

How the 100 Project works

  1. Choose a topic that interests you.
  2. Find 100 unique ways to do that topic.
  3. Set boundaries so you can’t cheat.
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat.

You can do as many of these projects at the same time as you want, or you can do them one at a time. Set time limits or not. The point is to make them about you.

For example, my friend chose to try 100 completely unique tacos. Next, she’ll be having 100 conversations with 100 homeless people. She alternates fun with altruistic.

She’s a better person than I. I’m starting with writing 100 short stories. My boundaries for this project are that these stories have to be in pen, on paper and must be at least 500 words each. These stories have no point but to exist; no need to publish them anywhere or even let someone else read them. They’re for fun, for me. And I’m loving it. I’ve written seven so far.

More topics I plan on doing 100 of

  • 100 photos of things I love
  • Learn 100 French words
  • 100 random acts of kindness (that don’t bite me in duckybutt)
  • 100 acts of personal empowerment
  • Cook and try 100 healthy recipes
  • 100 selfies with large statues of animals

Start by making a list of things you love or enjoy or just want to try. Do a braindump. Proper spelling not required. Don’t edit yourself or judge your ideas. Just put them on paper and pick one. If it needs to fit easily into your day-to-day life, go for it. If means you have to take a week vacation, maybe that’s not such a bad idea either.

Until next time,
Your Faithful Rubber Ducky

What would you like to include in your list? Share in the comments below.






5 thoughts on “100 Projects to Recenter”

  1. I love that this idea is done at your own pace. I did #the100dayproject this year for the first time. I chose a variety of different creative activities, but most people pick one activity to do for 100 days straight. I want to try your approach!!

    1. Do something for 100 days straight?! Yikes. I can think of no faster way to burn myself out. Let me know how the ‘at your own pace’ change works for you. I’d love to hear the results.

      Also: Go for it! You can do it! You got this!

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