writing prompt friday: bananas


Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! I have now completed my first week of working from home. Hubs, who’s also working from home (when he can), is an excellent officemate.

Then there’s my cat Henwen.

Adorable? Yes. Sweet? Yes. Loving? Yes. Quiet? Um, no.

But so adorable, even when she sings me the song of her people.

As the week has worn on, she’s calmed down, but still drops in at lunch to let me know she’s in charge and has a wide vocal range.

But again, so adorable.

I wonder if this is how Husband sees me…

And now, on to this week’s writing prompt…

A thriving farm. A lost stranger. Three cursed bananas.

Want to share your writing prompt result? Share in the comments.

Yours, Ducky

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