writing prompt friday: oops


Hello and welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! Week 2 of working from home is in the books. Am more productive at home than in the office. Have learned how to video conference. Have discovered that there’s a seagull who loves to hang out with the giant flock of crows that run our neighborhood skies. Have named him Johnathan.

And now, on to this week’s writing prompt…

Dang. I ate the car.

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Yours, Ducky

2 thoughts on “writing prompt friday: oops”

  1. Working from home is great once you’re used to using all the conferencing platforms. We’ve been using Zoom and Teams but I find Google Hangout is just as effective. Which are you using?

    1. Our company recently implemented Ring Central for phone, video and virtual collaboration. We also use SLACK to communicate via instant messaging. So far, I really like both. Ring Central isn’t very intuitive to learn on your own, but once you learn something it’s easy to use.

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