Writing Prompt Friday (love)


Welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday. Yes, it’s now the day after Valentine’s Day, but I’ve got a ready theme, so I’m running with it.

Ready? Here’s your prompt.

Cupid is retiring.
St. Valentine is interviewing you to replace him.
How does it go?

How the series works (so far):

  • Every Friday, I offer one writing prompt. It’ll be a phrase, a quote, a “what if” question or an image; whatever I want.
    Note: I’ll make them as original as I can; I apologize in advance if I accidentally post an idea someone else already had.
  • You write at least 500 words (if you want).
  • You’re welcome to share your story or not.
  • If you do want to share, respond in the comments to the original post.
  • Encouragement is encouraged; trolls will be banned, no questions asked.


Ready to share your writing prompt result? Share in the comments.
Yours, Ducky


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