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Writing Prompt Friday


Welcome back to Writing Prompt Friday! I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am, because lemme tell ya, it’s a lot of fun to turn the random thoughts in my head into something that’s useful instead of verbalizing them out loud and watching my husband facepalm himself wondering what on earth he got himself into. Although…to be honest…that’s fun too. Kind of a sport, really.

Alrighty, this week’s prompt.

Write a story that starts with:

“There can be only one…”

Bonus points if you make the story dialogue only.*


* Bonus points are valid only for self esteem and bragging rights. Not valid for monetary prizes or any tangible goodie here, with any merchant or anywhere on the planet, real or imagined. Non-transferrable. Never expires.


Want to share your writing prompt result? Share in the comments.
Yours, Ducky

About Writing Prompt Friday

  • Every Friday, I offer one writing prompt. It’ll be a phrase, a quote, a “what if” question or an image; whatever I want.
    Note: I’ll make them as original as I can; I apologize in advance if I accidentally post an idea someone else already had.
  • You write at least 500 words (if you want).
  • You’re welcome to share your story or not.
  • If you do want to share, respond in the comments to the original post.
  • Encouragement is encouraged; trolls will be banned, no questions asked.

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