Rubber Ducky’s Writer’s Resolutions for 2015

San Franny Rubber Duck

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important
as what you become by achieving your goals.
— Henry David Thoreau

In my last post, I took an honest look back at how well I kept my writer’s resolutions for 2014. I did pretty well. I kept most of my resolutions and have been writing my little fingers off all year, mostly outside of Rubber Ducky Copywriter.

Now it’s time to unwrap my new set of writer’s resolutions for the coming year.

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How I kept my writer’s resolutions for 2014

Keeping my writer's resolutions for 2014New Year’s is closing in. Time to take an honest look how wellI kept my 9 Writer’s Resolutions for 2014.

My writer’s resolutions boiled down to one thing: shut up and write.

This meant not waiting for the muse to show up or for my writing conditions to be just right. I’m not Goldilocks. My one directive was to attach my butt to my chair, close my mouth and pony up some words. Anything I learned along the way that helped me do that needed to become a habit.

2014 has been a big year for me.

I married the most wonderful man I’ll ever know. We went on a dream honeymoon to Disney World. We adopted one of the most adorable and obnoxious cats we’ll ever know. Without getting too personal, my family dynamics have changed beyond how I knew they would and in many respects, it’s been more painful than joyful. I’ve also developed some close friendships, and my working environment has had its changes, challenges and fortune.

You know—life happens while you’re busy planning ahead.

Still, looking back at my writer’s resolutions, I’m impressed with one thing — through all of the tumult, I kept writing.

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Happy Thanksgiving (2014 Edition)

Rubber Ducky' Copywriter's Ducks

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.

Last year, I made a list of why I’m thankful to be a writer. This year, while I’m gearing up to fix a big dinner and give thanks for all of the awesomeness in my life, I’d like to take a moment to thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog.

Thank you for every comment, tip, pointer, joke and perspective.

Thank you for every time you tweet or share one of my posts.

Thank you for “following” and inviting me into your inbox.

Thank you for helping make it worthwhile to keep this blog up.

Thank you for the insightful, helpful and sometimes humorous posts you’ve put up on your own blogs.

Thank you for your support, well wishes and occasionally pointing out a typo.

Thank you, new followers, for stopping by and coming back.

Thank you, longer-time followers, for keeping up this long.

Readership of any size is a privilege, not a right. And I appreciate you.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Erica “Ducky” Hayes

10 crackerjack proofreading tips, and then some


Image courtesy of DIRECTV and the super-hunky Robe Lowe.

“I’m a professional writer.”
“And I’m a professional writer who doesn’t proofread very well.”

Typos make professional writers look like hacks.

And we’ve all had those awkward moments when someone points out our errors even though we could have sworn we went through that document at least a dozen times.

So, here’s some tips (and some bonus links) to help you up your accuracy and reduce those awkward moments. Because no one wants to be that writer.

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4 anti-blog plot bunny strategies

Rubber Ducky Plot BunnyPlot bunny: a story idea that refuses to go away until it is written. (source: Wikiwrimo)

A common pest in many novelists’ writerly gardens, plot bunnies are not confined to works of fiction.

They’ll show up any writer’s elbow to direct the creative flow in the direction they want. They have one job: to make you go off on as many tangents as possible.

You know how it goes. You start drafting your blog post with the best intentions. Next thing you know, your draft has devolved into recounting that one time in third grade when you saw your teacher spend the entire class period picking his nose.

Never went that far? Just me?

Okay then, moving on.

Blog plot bunnies don’t have to run amok and take your post with them. You can keep them at bay. You can even put them to work for you.

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